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  • The Truth in True Crime (J. Warner Wallace)

    16 items

    In The Truth in True Crime Video Study, detective J. Warner Wallace explores the clues lying behind our human nature as he uncovers fifteen life truths gleaned from both contemporary murder investigations and ancient biblical wisdom.

    Every session introduces you to an investigation of a death as...

  • The Expectation Gap (Steve Cuss)

    10 items

    Christians experience significant gaps between what we believe about God and what we encounter from God. We believe God loves us, but we struggle to experience it. We believe God is with us, but we struggle to see it. We thought we'd be further along in our faith by now. Often our best efforts ke...

  • Church History in Plain Language (Shelley, Lingle, and Tafilowski)

    49 items

    This is the story of the church for today.

    This series, based on Bruce Shelley's classic history of the church, brings the story of global Christianity into the twenty-first century. Taught by experts in the field of Christian history, each lesson tells a story of actual people, in a particular ...

  • Know the Theologians (Jennifer Powell McNutt and David W. McNutt)

    17 items

    The Bible describes the church as a kind of family. Those who believe in Christ are sisters and brothers in the faith, whether they live at the same time or are separated by centuries. For that reason, believers today need to know our family members who have come before and shaped our beliefs and...

  • The Gift of Thorns (A. J. Swoboda)

    11 items

    The Gift of Thorns Video Study, a companion to the book, The Gift of Thorns and The Gift of Thorns Study Guide, dives deep into some of the hardest questions we wrestle with in the war for our wants:

    - What do God's desires and Satan's desires have to do with us?
    - Which desires did God place in...

  • Blessed Are the Peacemakers (Helen Paynter)

    18 items

    Scripture reveals the nature of human violence in all its types, including interpersonal, structural, sexual, and political violence. To explore what the Bible says about human violence, Old Testament scholar Helen Paynter dives deeply into even the most problematic biblical narratives in Blessed...

  • The Torah Story: An Apprenticeship on the Pentateuch (Gary Edward Schnittjer)

    29 items

    Working knowledge of the Torah is essential for every serious student of the Scriptures. Presented in an engaging and accessible manner, even while digging into difficult and complicated matters at a sophisticated level, The Torah Story course emphasizes the content of the text itself, moving bey...

  • A Survey of the Old Testament (John H. Walton & Andrew E. Hill)

    48 items

    Taught by Old Testament scholars and co-authors Andrew E. Hill and John H. Walton, A Survey of the Old Testament Video Lectures is ideal for anyone looking to expand or refresh their knowledge of the Old Testament.

    Studying the Old Testament can unlock a richer understanding of God and his redem...

  • Cultural Christians in the Early Church (Nadya Williams)

    10 items

    Christians today tend to see the earliest followers of Jesus as zealous converts who were much more counterculturally devoted to their faith than typical churchgoers today. Cultural Christianity might seem like a modern concept, one most likely to occur in areas where Christianity is the majority...

  • Exodus (Christopher J. H. Wright)

    32 items

    Exodus, A Video Study features scholar and professor Christopher Wright teaching through the book of Exodus in 32 engaging and challenging lessons. Based on his Exodus commentary in The Story of God Bible Commentary series, these video lessons explain and illuminate each passage of the book in li...

  • Street Smarts (Gregory Koukl)

    10 items

    The Street Smarts Video Study, taught by Gregory Koukl, helps Christians better engage in productive conversations with those who challenge their convictions on a variety of issues. A follow-up to Koukl’s bestselling Tactics, this video study focuses on revealing the fundamental flaws in common, ...

  • Basics of Biblical Aramaic

    23 items

    Basics of Biblical Aramaic Video Lectures provides 22 easy-to-follow lessons. It is an ideal resource for formal Aramaic language students wanting additional help in their learning; for instructors wanting to devote classroom time to drills and exercises, giving them a lecture tool their students...

  • Knowledge of God in the World and the Word (Doug Groothuis, Andrew Shepardson)

    12 items

    See God's revelation in nature, the Bible, and Jesus Christ.

    In The Knowledge of God in the World and the Word Video Lectures, professors Douglas Groothuis and Andrew I. Shepardson provide a clear and compelling introduction to classical apologetics that also addresses the most common objections...

  • Ezra-Nehemiah (Donna Petter and Thomas Petter)

    26 items

    Ezra-Nehemiah chronicles the return of the exiles to Jerusalem during the Persian Period. Empowered by the Persian authorities, Ezra and Nehemiah came on the scene in Jerusalem to restore the worship of the "God of heaven" and the sanctity of Zion and his people. God's sovereignty over temporal p...

  • Philemon (David E. Garland)

    4 items

    The letter to Philemon brings a bold call for forgiveness and unity as the brotherhood of all believers. This letter, the shortest book in the Bible, speaks powerfully to us today toward issues like equality, unity, and what conversion to Christ does for us all. Christ forgave us everything and w...

  • Colossians (David E. Garland)

    10 items

    This letter to the Colossians reminds Christians that they are "God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved" (3:12). It proclaims the deity of Jesus using some of the loftiest language in all the New Testament to help the church know God in his greatness and glory. Jesus makes believers alive to G...

  • 1-2 Kings (David T. Lamb)

    41 items

    1-2 Kings, A Video Study features scholar and professor David T. Lamb teaching through the books of Kings in 41 engaging and challenging lessons. Based on his 1-2 Kings commentary in The Story of God Bible Commentary series, these video lessons explain and illuminate each passage of the book in l...

  • A Burning House (Brandon Washington)

    12 items

    American Evangelicalism is ablaze.

    Doctrinal identity unites black and white evangelicals, but divisions along ethnic and cultural lines have long tarnished the movement's witness. With desegregation on the horizon, Martin Luther King Jr. said, "I've come to believe that we are integrating into ...

  • Ethics beyond Rules (Keith D. Stanglin)

    14 items

    How should Christians live? How should they approach today's difficult moral questions?

    In Ethics beyond Rules Video Study, Keith D. Stanglin answers those questions not with a list of rules but with a simple question: What does love require?

    Through examples such as abortion, sexual ethics, co...

  • Rooted Leadership (John E. Johnson)

    11 items

    At the root of today's greatest challenges is a failure of leadership.

    Yearning for wise guidance and effective authority is a perennial human longing. We want leaders who are credible, competent, and committed, yet sadly, many leaders today are consumed with their own power and agendas, ineffec...

  • Free to Thrive (Josh McDowell and Ben Bennett)

    11 items

    Your struggles are not random. They are signals that, when answered, can lead you toward a thriving life.

    In the Free to Thrive Video Study, designed for use with the Free to Thrive Study Guide, Josh McDowell and Ben Bennett will take you on a journey of healing. They'll teach you how to overcom...

  • Bright Hope for Tomorrow (Chris Davis)

    14 items

    Hope is fuel. For Jesus' disciples, what powered their endurance, patience, and courage was the hope of seeing their risen Lord again, face to face. Many Christians have lost or overlooked the importance of the Lord's appearing. Have we set aside that fuel because the topic of Jesus' return is mi...

  • Believing Philosophy (Dolores G. Morris)

    14 items

    Believing Philosophy Video Lectures introduces Christians to the tools and resources of philosophy, helping them understand, articulate, and defend their faith in an age of unbelief. Dolores G. Morris first explains why Christians should read and study philosophy. She begins by introducing learne...

  • An Introduction to 1 and 2 Thessalonians (Nijay K. Gupta)

    12 items

    The study of Paul's Thessalonian letters is enjoying fresh interest today. These texts are considered by many to be among the earliest extant Christian documents. They are included in conversations about early Jewish and Christian apocalypticism. New insights are coming from examination of the re...