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  • Rooted Leadership (John E. Johnson)

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    How does Christian theology provide an overarching leadership framework?

  • Bright Hope for Tomorrow (Chris Davis)

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    Hope is fuel. For Jesus' disciples, what powered their endurance, patience, and courage was the hope of seeing their risen Lord again, face to face. Many Christians have lost or overlooked the importance of the Lord's appearing. Have we set aside that fuel because the topic of Jesus' return is mi...

  • Believing Philosophy (Dolores G. Morris)

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    Believing Philosophy Video Lectures introduces Christians to the tools and resources of philosophy, helping them understand, articulate, and defend their faith in an age of unbelief. Dolores G. Morris first explains why Christians should read and study philosophy. She begins by introducing learne...

  • Introduction-1 & 2 Thessalonians (Nijay K. Gupta)

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    The study of Paul's Thessalonian letters is enjoying fresh interest today. These texts are considered by many to be among the earliest extant Christian documents. They are included in conversations about early Jewish and Christian apocalypticism. New insights are coming from examination of the re...