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  • Rembrandt Is in the Wind

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    An introduction to beauty through the lives of history's most celebrated artists and their works.
    Rembrandt Is in the Wind Video Study is an invitation to discover some of the world's most celebrated artists and works, through which we can witness the gospel of Christ in a way that speaks to the ...

  • The Sexual Reformation

    9 videos  |   Buy $59.99

    Since the Reformation, Protestants have confessed that the church is reformed and always reforming. But do we really believe this? Especially when it comes to sexuality?

    What if, in trying to be faithful to the beauty of God's design for man and woman, the church has instead latched onto a pagan...

  • Ethics Beyond Rules

    14 videos  |   Buy $55.99

    How should Christians live? How should they approach today's difficult moral questions?

    In Ethics beyond Rules Video Study, Keith D. Stanglin answers those questions not with a list of rules but with a simple question: What does love require?

    Through examples such as abortion, sexual ethics, co...

  • Deuteronomy

    61 videos  |   Buy $139.99

    Arranged as a series of sermons given by Moses, Deuteronomy represents the final major segment in the biography of Moses. At its heart, Deuteronomy celebrates the covenantal relationship between God and his people and invites God's people to respond by declaring that Yahweh alone is their God and...