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  • The Gift of Thorns (A. J. Swoboda)

    11 videos  |   Buy $47.99

    The Gift of Thorns Video Study, a companion to the book, The Gift of Thorns and The Gift of Thorns Study Guide, dives deep into some of the hardest questions we wrestle with in the war for our wants:

    - What do God's desires and Satan's desires have to do with us?
    - Which desires did God place in...

  • Faith Embodied (Stephen Ko)

    11 videos  |   Buy $31.99

    Many of us don't see much connection between spiritual and physical health. We say grace before digging into fatty meal. We read Scripture before switching to social media feeds that hijack the neural circuitry in our brains. We distance ourselves from the sick and needy, whom Jesus embraced.


  • Exodus (Christopher J. H. Wright)

    32 videos  |   Buy $111.99

    Exodus, A Video Study features scholar and professor Christopher Wright teaching through the book of Exodus in 32 engaging and challenging lessons. Based on his Exodus commentary in The Story of God Bible Commentary series, these video lessons explain and illuminate each passage of the book in li...

  • Blessed Are the Peacemakers (Helen Paynter)

    18 videos  |   Buy $59.99

    Scripture reveals the nature of human violence in all its types, including interpersonal, structural, sexual, and political violence. To explore what the Bible says about human violence, Old Testament scholar Helen Paynter dives deeply into even the most problematic biblical narratives in Blessed...