Church History: From Christ to the Pre-Reformation

Church History: From Christ to the Pre-Reformation

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Learn the events and developments of the church, along with the events from the broader world.

This series explores the development of the church from the days of Jesus to the years prior to the Reformation. It offers overviews of the Roman, Greek, and Jewish worlds; insights into the church’s relationship to the Roman Empire, with glimpses into pagan attitudes toward Christians; the place of art and architecture, literature and philosophy, in church history; and much more, spanning the time from the first through the thirteenth centuries.

By watching this series, you will gain:

• familiarity with the most important figures, controversies, and ideas that defined the church during its first 1,200 years
• an understanding of key turning points in church history, such as the Roman emperor Constantine’s conversion to Christianity, the Great Schism between churches of the East and West, and the Crusades
• insight into the dynamic relationship between broader world history and church history

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Church History: From Christ to the Pre-Reformation