Ancient Languages

  • Basics of Hebrew Discourse (Miles Van Pelt, Matthew Patton, and Frederic Putnam)

    17 videos

    Basics of Hebrew Discourse Video Lectures, presented by Matthew H. Patton, Frederic Clarke Putnam, and Miles V. Van Pelt, is a syntax resource for intermediate Hebrew students. The lectures introduce students to the principles and exegetical benefits of discourse analysis (text linguistics) when ...

  • Basics of Latin (Derek Cooper)

    28 videos

    Basics of Latin Video Lectures by Derek Cooper, alongside the accompanying Basics of Latin textbook, introduces students, independent learners, and homeschoolers to the basics of Latin grammar with all readings and exercises taken from texts in the Christian tradition.

    As part of the well-known ...

  • An Introduction to Biblical Greek (Dana M. Harris)

    30 videos

    An Introduction to Biblical Greek Video Lectures focuses on the linguistic and syntactic elements of Koine Greek with the goal of accurate interpretation. Drawing upon her thirty-year Greek-teaching experience and the latest developments in linguistics and syntax, Harris introduces students to ba...

  • Basics of Biblical Aramaic

    23 videos

    Basics of Biblical Aramaic Video Lectures provides 22 easy-to-follow lessons. It is an ideal resource for formal Aramaic language students wanting additional help in their learning; for instructors wanting to devote classroom time to drills and exercises, giving them a lecture tool their students...

  • Basics of Biblical Hebrew

    36 videos

    Basics of Biblical Hebrew provides 36 easy-to-follow lessons introducing the grammar and language of the Hebrew Bible. Integrated for use with today’s bestselling Hebrew text, it is an ideal resource for traditional students in need of additional instruction; for professors, who can now utilize p...

  • Greek for the Rest of Us (William D. Mounce)

    35 videos

    If you'd love to learn Greek so you can study your Bible better, then the Greek for the Rest of Us lectures is for you.

    Taught by renowned Greek teacher William Mounce, this revolutionary crash-course on Greek "for the rest of us" will acquaint you with the essentials of the language and deep...

  • Basics of Classical Syriac (Steven C. Hallam)

    24 videos

    These lectures provide a full introduction to classical Syriac. Basics of Classical Syriac provides 23 easy-to-follow lessons, introducing one of the most important translational languages of the New Testament. A working knowledge of Syriac provides a lens through which to study early translation...

  • Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics (Daniel B. Wallace)

    28 videos

    For seminary students, pastors, and others seeking to learn biblical Greek, the goal of studying Greek grammar is accurate exegesis of biblical texts. Sound exegesis requires that a student consider grammar within a larger framework including context, lexeme, and other linguistic features. While ...

  • Reading Biblical Greek (Constantine R. Campbell)

    95 videos

    Based on Reading Biblical Greek written by Richard J. Gibson and Constantine R. Campbell, this series is designed around three core elements: grammar, vocabulary, and reading and translation. It introduces you to the essential information you need to optimize your grasp of the fundamentals of bib...

  • Hebrew for the Rest of Us (Lee M. Fields)

    21 videos

    Learn the essentials of biblical Hebrew so you can better understand the Old Testament.

    These lectures will teach you how to:

    • Recite the Hebrew alphabet
    • Read and pronounce Hebrew words
    • Learn the Hebrew noun and verbal system
    • Conduct effective Hebrew word studies
    • Decipher why translat...

  • Basics of Ancient Ugaritic (Michael Williams)

    14 videos

    Basics of Ancient Ugaritic, taught by Michael Williams, is an introductory series on this language spoken at the time of Abraham.

    Ugaritic is an ancient language of Canaan, written in cuneiform on tablets of clay. Ugaritic is of vital importance for understanding the wider world and culture su...