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The Triune God (Fred Sanders)

The Triune God (Fred Sanders)

The Triune God series, taught by theologian Fred Sanders, will teach you the riches of Christian thought on the Trinity for the sake of theological renewal. Thought-provoking yet understandable, you’ll explore the biblical, creedal, and confessional shape of this central Christian doctrine.

Sanders presents conclusions about the Trinity based on the way the Trinity was revealed in Scripture. As such, this study offers theological principles for reading Scripture in a thoroughly Trinitarian manner. In contrast to other explorations of the Trinity that rush over the biblical discussion on the way to extended accounts of historical development, Sanders spends a significant amount of time on biblical exposition and drawing the theological implications from it.

Throughout the series, Sanders interacts with major voices from the history of the doctrine. His arguments are indebted to and informed by the great tradition of Trinitarianism. A healthy deference to doctrinal tradition is indispensable to serious theology, and this study is an exercise in retrieval. But the fitting way to retrieve the insights of the church fathers is not to pay more attention to them than to Scripture. The most patristic way to proceed toward a well-ordered doctrine of the Trinity is, after all, to study Scripture.

By watching this series, you will gain:

• a deeper understanding of Trinitarian theology rooted in Scripture and church history
• a greater ability to bridge the gap between introductory textbooks and advanced theological treatments of the Trinity
• guidance for studying Scripture in a Trinitarian manner

The Triune God (Fred Sanders)