A Theology of Biblical Counseling

A Theology of Biblical Counseling

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In A Theology of Biblical Counseling, Heath Lambert unpacks the core convictions that underlie sound counseling and gives practical wisdom for our counseling practices today.

For over four decades, biblical theology has been at the core of the biblical counseling movement. Leaders in biblical counseling have emphasized a commitment to teaching doctrine in their counseling courses out of the conviction that good theology leads to good counseling and bad theology leads to bad counseling.

Together with the accompanying book, A Theology of Biblical Counseling, these lectures show how biblical counseling is rooted in the Scriptures while illustrating the real challenges counselors face today.

A Theology of Biblical Counseling Video Lectures is accessible for working biblical counselors and for counselors-in-training at colleges and seminaries. In each lesson, doctrine comes to life in real ministry to real people, dramatically demonstrating how theology intersects with the lives of actual counselees.

By completing this series, you will gain:

• an understanding of the biblical counseling movement and its historical development
• guidelines for studying biblical principles carefully and deriving sound applications with a view toward counseling others
• a better grasp of core theological tenets and effective counseling strategies built on them
• insights for understanding counselees and the common problems we all face
• real-life examples for implementing counseling approaches on issues related to marriage, divorce, addiction, stress, parenting, and more

A Theology of Biblical Counseling