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Letters to the Church (Karen H. Jobes)

Letters to the Church (Karen H. Jobes)

Letters to the Church features 14 lessons, introducing the cultural and theological background of Hebrews and the general epistles (James through Jude).

These lectures cover the historical background for each book focusing on authorship, genre, date, and content, as well as an exploration of the major themes in each book. The lectures address issues of historical relevance as well as unlocking these ancient Scriptural books for Christian faith and practice today. Letters to the Church is an accessible study tool for anyone wanting to better understand Hebrews and the general epistles.

By watching these videos, you will gain:

By completing this course, you’ll gain

• familiarity with the historical background and authorship of each general epistle
• insight into how to apply the messages of each book today
• a broad grasp of the themes and content of each book

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Letters to the Church (Karen H. Jobes)